Ghana has a developing movie industry – Abraham Attah’s manager fires Kofi Kapito

Entertainment of Friday, 24 February 2017



Mawuko KapitoMawuko and Kofi Kapito

Manager of multiple award winning young actor, Abraham Attah and CEO of MK Casting, Mawuko Kuadzi has responded to Executive Director of the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), Kofi Kapito over a recent comment claiming that there is no Movie industry in Ghana.

The director has expressed worry over the comment and shared his opinion via Facebook.

According to him, though the Film industry in Ghana is faced with numerous challenges, the movie sector can boast of several developments in terms of state-of-the-art technology and policies to guide the industry.

“I am sorry sir, this is not true. Ghana has a developing movie industry. If you say Ghana doesn’t have a movie industry comparing to other countries, then Ghana has nothing and may be Ghana doesn’t exit as part of countries in the world. Ghana has a developing Movie Industry. Point made. #GhanaFilms#TruthAboutGhanaFilmIndustry.”

Mawuko Kuadzi is known for his work on Beasts of No Nation (2015), Out of the Village (2016) and Chronicles of Odumkrom: The Headmaster (2015).

He is the casting director in Ghana and works with MK CASTING. They specialise in casting for films, commercials, television series, and print projects in Ghana and across Africa.

Years of casting experience, combined with state-of-the-art technology and a multitude of glowing recommendations from directors, producers, production companies, ad agencies, television networks, movie studios and other casting directors, has enabled MK Casting to provide services that are, in a word – unmatched.

Union, non union, real people, big budget or small, MK brings a friendly, can-do attitude to the human element of any production, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and personal commitment to finding the best talent choices – bar none.

MK Casting shot Beasts of No Nation movie directed by the award winning director, Cary Fukunaga.


The Executive Director of the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), Kofi Kapito has shared same concern as other individuals who claim there is no movie industry in the Ghana.

Speaking with, he said, there are certain constituents of film making which is required to make an industry vibrant but some of those things are lacking in Ghana.

“The film industry has now turned into a sole business venture as compared to the former years where individuals invest into it without necessarily making money, but to sell out the Ghanaian culture and nurture talents for the industry.”

He added that the film industry in the past was a training hub for actors and actresses.

He explained that in the remote time, Movie Production involved marketing, distribution, sales and many others but currently the trend has changed for this reason the producer is ‘forced’ to distribute his own copies of movies.

Comparing Nigeria and Ghanaian movies, he stated that it is obvious as the former has taken the lead in terms of featuring new stars to play major roles but in Ghana the same old faces are seen in all popular movies.

Kofi Kapito cited an instance where formerly because producers were well abreast with what film production entails, every work was well coordinated, but these days things are done in haste to get the returns of what was invested in that movie.

He added that movie premiering was far better in times past since there were many movie houses as compared to the cinema halls at Accra Mall and West Hills Mall (Silverbird) which are the only big movie houses the industry can boast of.

Producers in the past invested in movies because of the love they had for the work however money is now the basis why others are into movies.

He indicated that though technology is a factor to the change in the Ghanaian industry yet it can be improved if producers develop new distribution networks and techniques of sales and exhibition.