Real-life tortoise and hare race against each other

As a child when growing up, one would be familiar with the popular story of the race between the tortoise and the hare.

The two animals were made to compete in a real-life race to test the validity of the fable in which the tortoise wins.

Entertainment company Super Deluxe hosted a live stream of the race between the contrasting creatures in terms of speed.

In the race held in Los Angeles, USA, the two animals were tasked with running a short distance from one side of a small, enclosed track to the other as quickly as possible.

Both animals began the race by standing in place for about 11 minutes, until the rabbit sprinted just inches away from the finish line.

Replicating the classic tale, the careless hare stopped just before crossing the line and returned to take a rest back near the starting point.

The rabbit remained in the corner while the turtle began its slow but steady progression toward the finish line.

The determined turtle ultimately proved the values behind the fable correct, as it defeated the hare by crossing the finish line about 40 minutes after the race began.

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