Drama As More Celebrities Slam Pastor For Cursing The Reality Show

A Port-harcourt based pastor, Mike Winning who is the president of Dominion Glory Assembly, had on Monday shared a picture on his Facebook page, where he placed curses on the organizers and sponsors of BBNaija Reality Show.

Although Pastor Winning has since taken down the controversial post which stirred up mixed reactions, some celebrities like Popular comedian, Seyi Law, and a former Big Brother Africa (BBA) winner, Uti Nwachukwu, have taken the issue personal and slammed the supposed man for his statement.

On his Instagram account @seyilaw1, ace comedian, Seyi Law advised him to organize a Christian reality show instead and give his followers money that will change their lives. He wrote;

“What a joke of a Pastor. Did Jesus lay curses on those who turned His Father’s house to a market place of all sorts or He just rebuked them. Some of all these people who call themselves Pastors actually think they are God o.

“Oga Ade, go and have a rethink abeg and ask God for forgiveness. I am not in support of the immoral acts in Big Brother Naija, but as a Christian when the devil brings darkness, you shine your light. If you don’t like what they portray, change your channel.

“Pastor, please organise your own Big Christ House and give money that will change the followers of Christ’s lives and see if men and your father in heaven won’t praise you. Pastor talking like Nigeria Government, why is Big Brother Naija been held in SA when they have refused to create an enabling environment to allow businesses to thrive. You curse kor you close ni. Long Hisssssssssss.

“These types of prayer are for your closet not public, Mr. Pastor. Praying their resources should run dry. Ah ah, Pastor, do you know how many are on the employment list of Payporte and Dufil, the makers of Indomie? You are a wicked man. Pray a better prayer abeg.”

Pastor curses BBNaija show

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Similarly, Uti Nwachukwu, took to twitter minutes ago to vent his anger and displeasure over the preacher’s statement. Hear him:

“Religion has become a disgraceful divider of brethren. A pastor would open his mouth and lay curses?! What is wrong with Nigeria sef?!! Where in the Bible did Jesus Lay a curse on any human being or their resources?!It was only the fight tree and that was to illustrate faith!

“Aren’t Christians supposed to be Christ like?! Aren’t pastors supposed to lead Christians to be Christ like?!!! U have mouth to curse pple . That have changed the lives of others.but u can’t publicly curse those that fund terrorism? Those that caused recession? SHAME! *spits*

“I tell u Nigerians, those of u that follow ur pastors Blindly and not the ways of Jesus will have only urselves to blame! By their fruits…. All the big men in positions of power sleeping with underage girls this pastor did not curse. All the sinners paying tithe he did not curse.

“Infact any pastor that condemns anyone and still accepts their offerings and tithes is a Scam and will face the wrath of God!! In Jesus name.

“Pastors just be misbehaving anyhow in this country!!Some of dem and politicians No difference!!Na we go church pass but wickedness full here!”

Though the reality TV show is rated 18+, organizers of BBNaija have been criticized by some Nigerians for bringing immoral and obscene pictures to the public.

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On social media, there have been criticisms by some who allege that the show promotes immorality and nudity. MultiChoice Nigeria, organizers of the show have also been accused of corrupting young and innocent minds by apparently permitting acts of indiscriminate romance, drinking and vulgar talks by contestants while it is being aired.