Majek Fashek Is High On Weed

Nollywood film producer and social commentator, Charles Novia takes sides with Timi Dakolo over the accusations levied on him by legendary singer, Majek Fashek.

Recall that in 2016 when Majek Fashek claimed Timi Dakolo stole his song, ‘Send Down the Rain,’ Timi Dakolo claimed otherwise, stating that he went through the right process and even paid for copyrights permissions.

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Charles Novia, who was mentioned as the person who gave Timi Dakolo rights to the song, lashes out on Majek Fashek following his plans to take Timi to court.

According to Saturday Beats, they reached out to Majek Fashek and Charles Novia in order to hear both sides of the story and the two parties revealed their versions of the story.

Represented by music business consultant, Omenka Uzoma, Majek Fashek said by March, they would begin the lawsuit process, stating his reasons why it took this long to instigate a legal action on a song that was released five years ago.

Charles Novia

Charles Novia Calls Majek Fashek A Bloody Bastard For Sueing Timi Dakolo Over Song Theft Accusation

Uzoma alleged that in the contract Timi brought out as prove of payment, Majek’s name was on it, but the signature there was not his – it was forged. He also claims that Majek Fashek does not know Timi Dakolo or what he looks like.

While Uzoma says Majek is very angry with Charles because he was not aware of any transaction and he did not receive any money, Charles says he had invested and lost so much money because of Majek Fashek.

The filmmaker said that the only reason he helped the veteran singer was because he had watched him as a kid and he wanted to bring his career back on track.

Timi Dakolo and Majek at the 2015 Headies

Majek Fashek Sues Timi Dakolo Over Song Theft, Demands Huge Compensation

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Charles Novia said:

“Majek and his manager Uzoma must be high on stupid weed. There was never a time when I was managing Majek that he did not need money and apart from the official payments, I cannot count the number of times I gave money to that fellow out of my own goodwill. I lost friends and businesses because of Majek.

“He is an ingrate. Why has everybody who has helped Majek in the past run from him? These are things I should not be saying but I am a bit angry because they are maligning my name. I went out of my way and flew to America so many times to help him and bring him back to the limelight because I felt when I was a kid, I watched him on the television and I knew he has talent but he went into oblivion.

“So what is the guy saying that I begged him to help my career? I was already a successful and award-winning filmmaker at that point in time. I did not need to go into music but I spent millions promoting the man. I am still a successful businessman,” he said.

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