Kim Kardashian To Give Blow-By-Blow Account

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is ready to give a detailed account of her horrifying Paris robbery incident.

Kim who had previously given a summary account of the Paris robbery incident to security authorities may soon give a blow-by-blow account on television.

With the start of a new season of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians barely weeks away, Kim’s mom, Kris has granted an interview with Ellen.

Kris Jenner sat in on the Ellen DeGeneres show to discuss the crime that shook the entire family.

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Fans of the popular urban reality TV show will be able to hear Kim’s story straight source.

Kris Jenner speaking on an all-new episode of Ellen’s show on Monday said:

“When we started filming again and started getting up and running, obviously Kim was around because we all practically lived together on the same street.

Ellen DeGeneres

“And we started filming and what was coming out of that was very therapeutic for her I think, just to explain to us and walk us through.

“I get choked up just thinking about it and talking about it. But it’s remarkable to listen to her tell the story.”

Kris also explained that in the new season of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim goes into detail “moment by moment” of what happened in Paris.

Paris Robbery Incident: Kim To Give Full Account

According to Kris, Kim is sharing the details because “she just thinks that it might also bring some awareness.”

She further explained:

“It’s changed the way we live our lives and just the way we take care of our kids and my grandchildren and so it’s been a process.


“It was such an upsetting time and something so awful happened to somebody that you love so much and it just, it chokes me up every time to think about it.”

Very recently, security footage from the crime scene where Kim was robbed at gun point in October surfaced on French media, prompting the interview.

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French network TFI shared what it claimed are crime scene photos taken from the hotel Kim was staying at the time of the incident.

TFI revealed surveillance footage featuring some of the alleged suspects hovering around the hotel on bike and on foot.

The media outfit also shared shots of duct tape and plastic ties that were believed to be used to restrain Kim during the crime.

Kim met with French authorities for several hours over a two-day period earlier in the month with hopes of bringing justice to the culprits.