Health Alert! 3 Oral Sex Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Every s*xual activity has its own pros and cons. Although oral s*x is considered as an important part of s*x life, the act varies from person to person. Here, we are listing a few facts of indulging in oral s*x:

1. HIV and other STDs
A person who is already infected with STDs or HIV should avoid s*xual contact with others. Indulging in oral s*x with an infected person can lead to the contraction of STDs. The potential carriers of such diseases are vaginal fluids, semen, and even chest milk.
Bleeding gums, lesions, and ulcers make the situation worse and also increase the chance of getting the disease during the course of oral s*x. The virus and bacteria can also be transmitted through cuts, openings, sores, mucous membranes (mouth, anus, v**ina) on the body.

2. Herpes
If you feel any symptoms of herpes, avoid any physical contact with your partner as herpes can easily be transmitted from private parts to mouth or vice versa.

3. Gonorrhea
Exposure to gonorrhea infected vaginal or seminal fluids is the main cause of getting affected with this disease. Oral s*x is often not listed as a cause for transmission of gonorrhea, but a rise in the number of cases worldwide has compelled experts to mark oral s*x as a possible medium of its transmission.
Stay safe

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