Anne Kansiime not arrested with drugs

Entertainment of Monday, 20 February 2017



Ann KansiimeAnne Kansiime

Uganda’s Anne Kansiime has refuted claims that she was arrested in London Heathrow Airport carrying 2 Kilograms of cocaine.

The artiste said the information being circulated on social media is malicious and aimed at soiling his name.

“I was not arrested as claimed, I am actually here to promote my work”, confirmed Kansiime

Various blogs carried a story of the talented comedian, saying she was arrested with two kilograms of Cocaine while she was alighting from a plane in London Heathrow Airport. The blogs added that Kansiime is now detained in UK under tight security awaiting to be presented in court.

Even as the gossip continued, Kansiime was busy with her work abroad –she only learned of the story from a friend who resides in Uganda.