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Kofi Nti angry over Ghanaian music videos

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Entertainment of Saturday, 18 February 2017

Source: Flex Newspaper


Kofi Nti 5Kofi Nti

The smoking of wee by musicians and other players in the showbiz industry is a long-standing phenomenon which has been very difficult to curb.

There are some people who smoke wee secretly and there are others who openly suggest to the populace that they smoke wee due to its perceived benefits forgetting that per the laws of the Land, the act of possession and use of wee is an offence. One disturbing thing that is slowly creeping into the showbiz industry is the smoking of wee in music videos and for which reason Ghana’s highlife musician, Kofi Nti has hit hard at his fellow musicians who glorify the smoking of wee in their music videos.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Flex Newspaper, Kofi Nti who sounded very disappointed, noted that he has observed in recent times that even though the smoking of wee is an offence in this country and the Ghana Police arrests and advise the citizenry to desist from its possession and smoking, some musicians rather smoke wee in their music videos.

He also indicated that one disappointing thing about this occurrence is the fact these music videos are shown on television without any restrictions which poses a threat to the upbringing of children in the country.

”One thing musicians have to know and understand is, music is one of the educational tools God gave to us and therefore, people emulate, learn, and are encouraged by the kind of music and videos we put out there. My question therefore is, if you smoke wee in your music video, what you are teaching?”

Kofi Nti also mentioned that if television stations see nothing wrong with these music videos and therefore show them on their platforms, then Ghana Police should also desist from arresting wee smokers because it is now an acceptable act on TV these days.

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