Tamale Teaching Hospital Boss Must Go

A group calling itself Northern Young Patriots is calling for the immediate removal of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH), Dr Prosper Akambon.

The group is calling on President Akufo-Addo to ensure that those who have run down the hospital are removed immediately for further investigations.    They have, therefore, given TTH’s management a week ultimatum to step down, failure to do so, “an otherwise vision shall be taken.”

According to them, management of the hospital has been very poor, basic drugs and medical consumables needed for the day-to-day running of the facility are not available, indicating that patients are asked to purchase very basic items such as gloves, syringes and all items needed for the care of patients, which are supposed to be catered for by the NHIS.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, the Public Relations Officer of Northern Young Patriots, Ibrahim Azobaŋli, said the then pharmacist in charge of the pharmacy stores at the hospital, one Ayamga Godwin, rightly refused receiving drugs due to high price as compared to that of the medical stores, a situation that resulted in his immediate release from the store and replaced with a different person, Isaac Amegashie, a storekeeper.

According to him, on February 2015 when a tender bid was advertised, four companies – Ernest Chemists Limited, Adbelis Limited, Asmona Limited, Investrade International Company Limited and G.O. Trust Surgical – took part in the bidding process.

“After successfully going through, none of them unfortunately was awarded but rather a different company which never took part in the bidding process won, which is Haskay Limited.”

He accused management of conflict of interest, stating that Haskay Limited, owned by Hamid Abdullai, the director of pharmacy of Tamale Teaching Hospital.

“Surprisingly, Haskay Limited was issued a certificate of incorporation on the 15th of January, 2015 and was awarded the contract which purchase order was on February 30, 2015, a non-existing day,” he said.

Ibrahim Azobaŋli disclosed that qualified persons perceived to be coming from a certain political party are denied appointment and temporary staff also perceived to be members of that same political line are denied permanent status.

The Northern Young Patriots claimed that Misbaw Mohammed is currently the Deputy Director of Human Resource and also acting as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the hospital, a position which should have been advertised by the hospital for qualified persons to apply.

The hospital’s PRO, Mr Misbaw, told DAILY GUIDE that the claims by the group are baseless and should be disregarded by the public.

According to him, the group should rather seek legal action if they believe they have a good case with the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

 FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale