Probe VGMA bribery claims to defend your integrity – Kojo Preko to Charterhouse

Entertainment of Thursday, 16 February 2017



Preko QuayeGeorge Quaye and Kojo Preko Dankwa

Recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards bribery allegation made by former spokesperson, George Quaye seems to gather more heat daily.

Though Charterhouse, organiser of the prestigious award scheme has apologised to Gospel artistes over the unfortunate comment, Kasapa Fm’s Entertainment show host, Kojo Preko Dankwa insist the apology is not enough and shouldn’t end the matter.

According to him, if the board said they couldn’t verify the bribery claims made by George Quaye, and openly apologised to all Gospel artistes if they felt slighted, then the press briefing was needless.

“I’m still surprised why VGMA Board didn’t look critically at what George Quaye said as TV host, in the first place nobody has said what George Quaye said on GHOne TV was authorised by the Board, they are trying to play with words.

“We’re telling them if they want to be hypocrites then they should call the TV host and deal with him as a TV personality but if the Board says they can’t verify the statements he (George Quaye) made so they are untenable, saying there is no Bribery issue from the Gospel music community or any other musician then I think they goofed.”

He said that once some names have been mentioned in the previous Board, the executive should have been fair in enough to investigate

“The Board should be ashamed of themselves by rendering sincere apology instead of forming a committee to investigate into this issue to uphold the scheme’s integrity,” Preko said on TOP Showbiz.

He advised that MUSIGA should form an independent committee to investigate the bribery claim by George Quaye and probe further by inviting both parties involved in order to purge the dishonesty.

“Let’s set up open public committee to hear the two sides of the story to substantiate the truth in the bribery allegations.”

However, Charterhouse Ghana, organizer of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards has apologized for George Quaye’s bribery claims made against gospel artists in the country.

This comes after George Quaye, Head of Communications for Charterhouse Ghana, lately offered an apology to gospel musicians for his comments that they offer bribes for awards.

George recently alleged on the award-winning show ‘Pundits’ that most offers of bribe that come to him as an Executive of the award scheme are from gospel artists.

But Mrs. Theresa Ayoade, the Chief Executive Officer of Charterhouse, at a Press briefing last week issued a disclaimer on the unfortunate pronouncements of Mr. Quaye, insisting that his(George) comments were not the views of the BOARD.

According to her, Quaye was not authorized by the Board, neither did he act in the capacity as a spokesperson of the Board on the matter.

Mrs. Ayoade noted that the BOARD therefore disassociates itself from the alleged bribery claims.