Ivan Quashigah is a legend in the Movie industry – Bra Charles

Entertainment of Thursday, 16 February 2017

Source: pentigh.com


Bra CharlesJ.B Peasah stars as Bra Charles in the TV series YOLO

One of the leading casts of YOLO TV series, J. B. Peasah a.k.a Bra Charles or Drogda has heaped praise on movie director, Mr. Ivan Quashigah who directed “YOLO TV Series” for what he has so far achieved in the industry.

‘Bra Charles’ who but for the former, wouldn’t be in this stardom couldn’t afford to be silent about the great job Mr. Quashigah has done.

Mr Ivan Quashigah, who is a movie Director and owns his own Production House, “FarmHouse Production”, won “Best Director Drama TV Series” at Ghana Movie Awards 2016 held on the 4th of December, 2016 at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Kwaku B – ‘de perfect gentleman’ interviewing ‘Bra Charles’ (J. B. Peasah) on Anapua105.1fm, described Mr. Ivan Quashigah as a legend after picking an award at Ghana Movie Awards earlier last month saying he knows how to bring the best out of the young actors.

“With Mr. Ivan Quashigah, what I will say is that he is one of the legends in the industry. If you care to know he is the brain behind the famous hit TV series, ‘‘Inspector Bediako’’ in the 90s and “Fortune Ireland”. He also did the most loved TV series, “Things we do for love” in early 2000 which now has its continuation called “YOLO”.

All these achievements make him a legend, let alone how he picks the ordinary and makes them stars.” He further said, “He picking an award is something which has always been there besides those people he was in a category with are people he trained some time ago so there is no way any of them would have taken the award from him whilst still doing a good job in the industry.

Whatever he does is a hit and thanks be to God for the award.” Bra Charles disclosing one special thing about Mr. Quashigah and also whether the awards the casts of “YOLO” took may have an adverse impact on them, he said, “One special thing about him is that he always wants to help you achieve your dream but when proving difficult, he will just release you to go and I can guarantee you that you will struggle before you survive because he has the talent of bring out the best in the young actors.

When we are shooting he keeps reminding us about humility and the fact that it is the only thing that can take us far.” “It all depends on you if you want to survive in the industry, most of the leading casts in “things we do for love” didn’t survive but some did I mean the likes of Majid Michelle, Adjetey Annan and Jackie Appiah. The awards we won will not have any bad impact on us”