How To Shrink Your Facial Pores

Question: Is it possible to shrink my pores?

Answer: Large pores are the result of genetics and loose collagen in the skin, but with the right skin care regimen and proper exfoliation, yes, you can temporarily shrink them, use light makeup and be sure to remove 100% of it daily so that no debris sticks in the pore, double cleansing with washes and scrubs that contain Vitamin C to brighten skin and salicylic acid to refine pores. Double cleansing is cleaning your face twice with two different cleansers, one being oil-based to dissolve sebum and remove surface impurities, followed by your normal everyday cleanser, and it’s ideal for people with oily skin and acne as well as those who live in big cities and are exposed to more pollutants or women who workout regularly. In addition to using sun protection, collagen-boosting creams and pore cleansing strips daily.