4 Ways To Be Authentically Hard-To-Get (And Make Him Want You BAD)

Being fake with men just perpetuates the mistaken notion that when women say “no,” it’s not a real “no.”

This is, frankly, wrong and bad for all of us as women.

So how do you do this? Here are four ways to honor your own needs while drawing him closer at the same time:

1. Put down your technology.

Don’t train anyone in your life to be able to reach you at any second. This eliminates the expectation that you’ll always text back right away, and gives him some room to miss you and wonder what you’re up to. Space and time in a new relationship is an excellent thing.

2. Refuse to clear your schedule preemptively.

Have you ever fallen into the trap where you meet someone new and all of a sudden you are hoping that they’ll make plans for Friday, so you turn down girls’ night? Because you were hoping that maybe he would want to hang out? Start making him fit into your schedule, instead of vice versa. Don’t be so quick to throw yoga class under the bus to hang out. If he wants to see you, he’ll make the time. The key here is authenticity. If you are free on Saturday, tell the truth. If you aren’t, don’t cancel any plans to hang out with Mr. New and Shiny.

3. Maintain your boundaries.

Be polite with men, but firm. If you’re going to your weekly pottery class and he begs you to cancel, give him an alternate day to go out. Don’t cave in to giving up your interests. Also, don’t start inviting yourself into his life. Don’t assume that you both are spending time together, unless that is the actual plan.

4. Show your interest and have fun.

If you’re having fun on the date, have fun on the date! Laugh and play. People don’t do it enough.

As someone who has always been accused of being “too serious,” I’ve found that lightening the mood really goes a long way toward building rapport with men. Then, if you didn’t have the love match you were hoping for, at least you both had a good time and created a nice memory.

Genuinely having a good time has an additional benefit, and this is that men are incredibly attracted to happy women. In the long run, drawing him closer because of your genuine zest for life will make him fall for you like a ton of bricks

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