Funny Face introduces Don Little to Cow and Chicken TV series

Entertainment of Tuesday, 14 February 2017



Funnyface Picx.jpegplay videoFunny Face

The award-winning TV series ‘Cow and Chicken’ will feature Don Little as the new face in the popular series.

In a viral video, comedian Funny Face has asked lovers of Cow and Chicken to watch out for Don Little who is also known as Funny little Man.

Below is the translated answer Don Little gave to Funny Face when the latter asked him of his preferential of ladies

Don Little “I don’t like little ass girls but rather he wants a girl with a big booty that is as big as funny face’s car tire.

The one that you get attention of a whole crowd when you walking with.

So he (Funny Face) was asked if he can handle all of that (in terms of sex) and he said yes even if he can’t, he’ll use his leg to step on it like a car’s accelerator.”

The Cow and Chicken series promises to be more interesting as Don Little take his turn.

Watch the video below;