Fulfill your promise on women appointment – WILDAF to Akufo-Addo

Women in Law and Development in Africa, WILDAF Ghana, has asked President Akufo-Addo to fulfill his promise to appoint 30% of women in governance.

According to WILDAF, the president has the power to give directives to the regional executives to appoint more women into public offices.

Frank Wilson Boja, the programmes manager for governance at WILDAF said to fulfill the promise,  certain offices should be reserved for women.

“You have made a promise that you’ll give 30% appointment to women—you have not asked anybody to apply. People are just applying…since the election there has never been any written statement to the public announcing that people should come and apply for such positions.

“We know that the appointment is made by the president. So in this case it is the president; if he is going to do this appointment he will write to the regional chairmen and all those people involved—the appointing authority in the various regions,  that in Eastern region…in Greater Accra region reserve these number of seats which reflects the 30% for women. Straight forward it is done,” he told Starr News on Monday.