The Taste Guru is in Town: Star launches new campaign ad

“The Taste Guru is in town!” is the opening line to the new Star Beer campaign ad. The TV ad introduces us to the Taste Guru; a well-travelled, suave Ghanaian with a taste for good food and excellent beer. This humorous protagonist has the ability to tell a thousand things from just one taste, remarking after a single morsel of fufu that, “The bankye in this fufu was pounded exactly two hundred and twenty-two times.” It is an endearing scene, played more for laughs than anything.

However, the joke drops when it’s time for the Taste Guru to taste a glass of Star Beer. The ad makes it clear here: the taste of Star is no laughing matter. At the moment of truth, the wonder of the Guru’s audience is substituted for electric excitement. This is the real deal. This is the Taste of Beer.

The Taste Guru campaign is inspired by the Gold Quality Monde Award that Star Beer won in 2016. This glorious Gold medal was the confirmation, that Star Beer meets the highest standards of product quality, even on an international stage. The great taste of Star Beer is a result of the strong Ghanaian brewing competence of course with no added sugar. The brand’s new slogan The Taste of Beer is an assertion of this fact, and its new campaign, which will be communicated across Ghana via TV, Radio, billboards and digital advertising, is an illustration of all the elements that have made Star a mainstay in bars, pubs and restaurants nationwide for over fifty years: the golden colour, the bright foam head, and millions of tiny bubbles that keep each glass of Star Beer fresh until the very last sip.

Star Beer’s new focus on taste is expected to be its driving message for several years to come, a welcome change in an industry with players that, in recent years, have seemed more concerned with trendy, ephemeral messaging than the most important message of all: product efficacy. And in this case, taste. Star Beer’s return to the basics is refreshing. In the words of the Taste Guru himself, “Ten over Ten!”

Source: Star