Over 500 family members gather for photo in China

More than 500 people with the same ancestors gathered together in China for a massive family photo.

The group made up of members of the Ren family gathered at Shishe village in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang to celebrate the completion of the family tree.


The photo was taken with a drone during the Lunar New Year period after elders updated family tree records and located 2,000 living relatives.

“It took us two and a half years to complete the new family tree,” Village Chief Ren Tuanjie said. “During the Spring Festival, we like to bring all the family members together so as to let our ancestors know where they are.”

Members of the family from multiple generations traveled from Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang and Taiwan to take part in the giant reunion.

“One reason was to understand where our descendants have spread to, where they have ended up and where they live, to account to our ancestors,” Tuanjie said. “And another reason was also to let descendants all over the country know their roots, so that wherever they go they will not forget where they come from.”