Missing 200 cars claim “strange” – Vincent Kuagbenu

Vincent Kuagbenu, the man who was responsible for coordinating the re-registration of government vehicles under the previous Mahama administration says he finds it strange that 200 cars are missing from the presidency.

According to him, it is incomprehensible for anyone to claim that cars from the state pool at the Flagstaff House are missing.

The Communications Director at the presidency, Eugene Arhin, has said that over 200 official vehicles are missing from the state pool.

He told Naa Dedei Tetteh on Starr Today on Wednesday that:  “In total, if you look at the documents provided to me by the transport officer, we were supposed to have a total of 196 Toyota land cruiser vehicles, we are supposed to have some Toyota Land Cruiser Prados; a total of about 73 and then Mercedes Benz, BMWs and other vehicles.

“…But what we came to meet was something that surprised all of us. For example, you take a look at the Toyota Landcruiser vehicles, we were supposed to have 196 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles at the presidency. We only came to meet 74.”

He added that: “That means you have a total of 122 which we still cannot find. For the Toyota land cruiser Prados, the total is 73. But we only came to meet 20; so you have a 43 difference.

“You look at something like the Mercedes-Benz; there were 24 in total; but we came to meet 11. Toyota Avalons; there were 28, but we came to meet two and for the BMWs, there were six and we came to meet only two.”

But speaking Thursday on Morning Starr, Mr. Kuagbenu  said “I do not think a number of cars can get missing as alleged by [Eugene Arhin]”.

“Vehicles cannot vanish,” he averred, maintaining “We have a register of all public officers who were part of the previous government.”

He thus challenged the current government to invite officers in the previous administration for questioning.