Confirmed: 4 bulletproof cars available at Flagstaff House

General News of Friday, 10 February 2017



  State Car Four bulletproof cars, are available for use by the President and his Vice (file photo)

A document from the office of the President detailing the list of 173 serviceable vehicles left behind by the previous National Democratic (NDC) administration, has revealed that four (4) bulletproof cars, are available for use by the President and his Vice.

This confirms the claims by the previous administration in a statement it released on Thursday, signed by a former Deputy Chief of Staff, Johnny Osei Kofi. “It must be placed on record that the use of the BMWs and his personal vehicle if it is true, is not due to the non-availability of presidential vehicles.

It is clearly a choice that he made on his own accord” the statement said. “Among the vehicles handed over to the NPP team were two bulletproof salon cars and two bulletproof cross country vehicles specifically dedicated to the use of the President.

Both sets of bulletproof vehicles are relatively new and in good condition for the transportation of the President.” “Added to this is a fleet of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Surely if President Akufo Addo can use 10-year-old vehicles, he should be able to use vehicles that are relatively new and in good condition.”

This latest information contradicts claims by Eugene Arhin, Director of Communications at the presidency, that President Akufo-Addo has been compelled to use a 10-year old BMW because there are no cars available for him to use.

Mr. Arhin even claimed further that, the President at some point used his private vehicle. The previous NDC government has denied claims that it did not account for some state vehicles weeks after handing over.

Whereas government insists that some 208 vehicles cannot be accounted for, the previous administration has rejected any allegation of misappropriation, saying the government has put out falsehood on the matter.