What A Great Boyfriend Would Do For You When You’re Sick

You know you’re not going to die from a cold or the flu. But that doesn’t change the fact that it sure feels like you will when it’s happening! A partner really shows his true colors when you are sick. Anybody can be a rockstar boyfriend when their girlfriend is energized, perky, up for sex, and willing to help make dinner. The real test comes when a man’s girlfriend is laid up in bed, cranky, unwilling to make conversation and incapable of physical contact. Does your boyfriend fill up his schedule so he can avoid the responsibilities that come with having a sick partner? Or, does he stay by your side? You certainly are there for him when he has the sniffles or a broken arm, so shouldn’t he be there for you? Here is what the best boyfriends do when you’re sick.

They keep you company

They don’t make plans to go out because “You’re just going to lay in bed all night anyways.” Great boyfriends know that being home sick can get lonely! And just having someone there to talk to when you get a rare ten minutes of energy makes all the difference.

They don’t get grossed out

They don’t look away when you have snot running down your nose; they give you a tissue and think you’re adorable

They buy more medicine than you need

They don’t ask you what you need because they know you feel bad handing them a grocery list. Instead, they just buy the whole damn pharmacy.

They bring you everything

They don’t call you lazy for asking them to bring you a cup of water from the other room. They know how miserable it can feel just to walk to the kitchen when you’re shaking from a fever.

They take it more seriously than you do

They suggest taking your temperature every three hours, and they offer to take you to the doctor to make sure it isn’t something more serious. They don’t call you dramatic for wondering if you’ve developed bronchitis.