Ghanaian Musicians need song writers – Mel Davis

Entertainment of Thursday, 9 February 2017



Mel Kwasi Davis EdMel Davis

Entertainment critics and a regular panel member on Kasapa FM’s Entertainment show, Mel Kwesi Davis believes eighty percent (80%) of Ghanaian musicians require the services of songwriters.

He explained that songs produced these days are appalling because the artiste think they can write songs by themselves even when they are not blessed with that gift.

Mel further noted that all musicians must not necessarily be able to write their own song, adding that song writing is a specialized area.

He told host of Kasapa Entertainment, Kojo Preko Dankwa that most Ghanaian artists believe that if they write their own songs, it makes them good musicians.

“It is the duty of someone to arrange lyrics to suit a particular music, and it is the artist duty to perform with the song for people to like it.”

The Executive Director of Event Republic noted further that most of the Ghanaian songs are not able to go far as they lack good lyrical content.

“Our musicians are found of releasing too much of profane songs, how can an investor spend on such songs with low quality content? Songs by musicians like, Michael Jackson, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, etc travelled worldwide because they had good song writers writing good songs for them.

“The fact that you can write lyrics doesn’t make you a good musician, and the fact that you don’t write your song doesn’t make you a bad musician,” he stated.