Dear Harrysong; Concerned Fan Writes Open Letter To Singer, Questions Breach Of Contract

In a letter opening with ‘Dear Harrysong,’ a concerned fan of the Mandela singer asked series of questions in order to fully understand what went wrong in his breach of contract case.

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Recall that Five Star Music arrested the singer and songwriter for backing out of his music contract prior to its expiring date.

After going back and forth, the case was settled in favour to the label. However, a fan of Harry is not satisfied with the outcome of the case,and needs clarification on the matter, thus his open letter, Dear Harrysong.

He wrote;

“Dear Harrysong,

I have been a big fan since “Better pikin”, or which one even came first Taiye & Kehinde? good songs right?
Let’s talk about how African they sounded and the vibe it gives when you listen or dance to the music.
When that song came out, I was like “Ok, who’s this guy” and then I realized you already had a single “I’m in love” the one that really got me was the one that had Olamide on it.

At this point I accepted deep inside my heart, that this “guy” was not just a singer, but also very talented. I followed your growth and the frequency with which you dropped hit songs, your Mandela tribute song had the highest download off all time and then you hit us with “Reggae Blues”, I mean who doesn’t love that song? That was the jam of the year for me.

You were signed under Five star Music, Y’all were cool, You and Kcee were “Twinning” and all.
Wrote most of Kcee’ s songs and even wrote for other Artistes but you made sure to never mention it.

I really want to ask you Harry, WHAT WENT WRONG?
What happened to keeping your end of the bargain “in business” as a man?
I know I would never fully understand what happens (or happened in this case) behind closed doors and in the absence of the cameras and the glamour.

But still, breaching a contract just because you felt you were unappreciated? Writing songs often and often with little or no credit? is that all or there’s something more
Believe me when I say there are people out here who value your music, I was at the peace concert in Delta and boy, You are loved.

You do not need to prove so much that you wrote all those songs as it is very obvious that you did.
Your flair and originality was always in the music and I sometimes wonder why you allow someone else “Spoil” the delivery of such beautiful songs.

As far as I know, Five star was a ladder and you shouldn’t have breached any contract regardless of what happened. But then, what happens to brotherhood when the people who claim you’re the best songwriter arrest you because of a breach of contract? How can they put you through such

How can they put you through such humiliation just because they wanted you to remain a slave to them? Arrest you over and over,  lie to the public about what exactly went down and put you under such stiff conditions just to let the world know they are powerful and can buy their way through anything?

Well, what can I say
It’s life right?
I think at this point, you should be out to prove yourself to yourself.
You don’t need validation from anybody as fingers will start pointing at your career at this point and people would like to know what you’re doing with or without Five Star.


Yours faithfully,
A very concerned fan!”

Dear Harrysong; Read This Open Letter From A Concerned Fan

Just like the fan said, Harrysong was the underdog in this case; him against Kcee, E-Money, and their so-much wealth with an unclear source.

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Like most Nigerian artistes, who sign contracts without weighing the pros and cons, Harrysong signed a legally binding document with Five Star Music, that states that the label will fund and produce three albums for him in three years.

Let’s break this down; an album with an average of  12 songs, would mean one song must be recorded per month, and 36 at the end of 3-years. Is this too much to achieve for both parties?

Well, we can never know what exactly went wrong. So dear Harrysong, what really led to the breach of contract?