Moscow Citizens Banned From Keeping Bears at Home

The right to keep and bear bears at home in Moscow, Russia’s capital, is no more.

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Chairman of the Commission on Environmental Policy in Moscow, Duma Zotov Zoe, has decreed that domesticated bears are no longer welcome in Russia’s capital.

The ban also includes lions and other large wild predators.

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“I stress that we are talking only about the wildlife,” said Zotov.

The draft law “On Wildlife” intend to minimize the removal of wild animals from their natural habitat.

In May 30, 2016, Daily Mail reported a Russian couple Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko adopt a bear named Stepan when he was aged just three months.


The big mammal is 23 years old, weighed a whopping 300 pounds and stood at a height of more than 7ft.

One of the family: Standing at more than seven foot, the large mammal has been domesticated by the couple and is now aged 23

The Panteleenko’s said Stepan is so domesticated he cuddles up to them in the evening and watches TV on the sofa.

The bear even helps out by watering the flowers but eats a hefty 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs a day.