Funny Little Things A Man Who Loves You Would Know About You

You need extra snuggles around your period

He knows A) Never to ask “Is it okay if I touch you?” when you’re on your period because you’re not a bomb for goodness sake! And B) That you need lots of snuggles.

You do not want to be left alone during your period

He has learned how insulting it is when he suggests that he should make himself scarce when you’re on your period. He has experienced firsthand how suggesting this only causes an enormous fight.

You get a little b*tchy when you’re drunk

He knows to agree with you when you’re drunk because you’ll argue just for the sake of arguing.

When you’re faking it

You can’t get away with that for much longer. He knows that when you really have an orgasm, the words and sounds that come out of your mouth aren’t as organized as the ones you say when you’re faking it.