Why He Cancelled It, What Nigerians Think

Just when the hopes of most Nigerians were motivated for change by the Tuface Nationwide Protest, the music legend called off the protest off at the last-minute.

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After the Tuface Nationwide Protest, which was meant to hold today, February 6 was canceled on Saturday, January 4, via a video by the legendary singer himself, a lot of people have aired their disappointments over the issue.

The past few weeks have been majorly about Buhari’s vacation/arrival from London and the Nationwide Protest. Coincidentally, both events have one date in common and one thing in common [not happening].

Nigerians are disappointed with Innocent Idibia for making a move to lead the anti-government protest, only to cancel it, forgetting that there is a process through which things of this nature should be done.

As seen in the video below where Tuface announced the cancellation, he appeared to be under duress, with heavy eyes and an unhappy look. It seemed obvious that he wasn’t speaking from his heart, but was speaking out of compulsion.

However, the above insinuation was enhanced by one Nkena Nwokocha, who claimed that Tuface was threatened and arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS).

Nwokocha wrote on Facebook: “My cousin who is a neighbour and close friend to 2face has confirmed he is alive but pretty shaken up after he was taken by the DSS Last night. My cousin also went on to say Tuface has refused to reveal what he was subjected to while been held but from his looks and how jumpy he has been, his life and that of his family members have been threatened.”

Meanwhile, some other source says the mother of the singer, Mrs. Rose Idibia, allegedly warned her son to back out of the protest.

Mrs. Rose Idibia, who is the Vice Principal of Cherryfield College, Jikwoyi Abuja, warned Tuface not to get involved in political matters that could attract enemies to him.

2face_Idibia leads nationwide protest

“His mum was behind the cancellation of the protest. She was angry because 2baba never asked for her opinion before he went on air to announce the protest. His mother summoned him and asked him to call it off because he has nothing to gain from it, rather he would buy enemies for himself,” the source reportedly said.

The Tuface Nationwide Protest was to hold at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos and at the Unity Fountain Abuja, respectively.

The protestants were to converge by 8.am and 9.am in the two cities, wearing comfortable casual attires with a touch of green. The Lagos state police had earlier threatened to stop the protest but eventually agreed for it to hold, on the assurance that it will be a peace protest, advising the protesters to be civil mannered.

The Nigerian media space has turned upside down since Tuface announced this cancellation. Some encourage his bravery in pulling out while others insult his actions, saying he is a coward for starting what he could not finish.

Tuface Nationwide Protest Canceled – Nigerians react:

@Mahrteenz: “Although it’s not our only hope buh for a moment #2baba made us feel it was…. #2baba why???”

@Emjizzlecoded: “That nigger did nothing but showed all his fans and people looking up to him that we all should be afraid of the government and embrace whatever they do if not we will die.. @official2baba are you saying you did not think fully before opening your mouth?”

@Emminyaomotolaomotosho: “If he likes let him concern it God knows am going to be there cause Seyilaw and Charlyboy say dey will still continue with it.”

@Lulu_whyte: “He should hv just carried on with the protest. Get enough security personnel, announce that it’s going to b a peaceful one, dats all. He just gave his haters a laugh.”

@IcidontLol: “y’all need to leave the man alone. U guys can protest without the man. Some Nigerians are such hypocrites. U guys are so quick to grab a tire and burn a man if he steals an ordinary candy. But yet all this fucktard politicians are walking freely and turning that country to a shit hole.”

@Nora.norman: “The lives of Nigerians is more important. In as much as it is called “peaceful protest. There are still some people who do not like peace and might want to take it to the extreme. So let’s be logical.”

@Ms_darah: “At least @official2baba tried. I am sure something went wrong cos I saw the zeal and the courage around this thing. These people are politicians and they can do anything to people who get in their way. May the Lord protect you and your family. Every politician and their generation will not go scot-free. They will reap the fruit of what they have sown, stolen, suffering they have inflicted on us.”

@Swt_applehill: “He was threatened and I don’t blame him for backing out, so he would have died or lost his family for the sake of nonchalant citizens of Nigeria that might not even appreciate his efforts and also ready to sabotage him any day, anytime! All I know is that Tubaba is still a legend and a great man! At least he tried, what have thousands of us done? Only trolling!”

@Blessinginansjoe: “We Nigerians like suffering, back out my lovely bro, save ur life for ur lovely family @ officialt2baba

@Cutesy_b: “I guess if other artists had joined in the attempt it would av been stronger. It’s easier t break a single than a bunch. So, thank u very much @official2baba cos if we look at it from the financial aspect, u can always just relocate outta this country nd forget it ever existed but u r a humble, patriotic Nigerian, son of the soil himself. God bless u for the attempt and concern for the masses. #onelove#nothingdeyhappen #2baba#official2baba.”

Watch Tuface Cancel the Nationwide Protest:

Meanwhile, news reaching BuzzNigeria this morning is that the Tuface Nationwide Protest is said to be holding at the moment without Tuface.