Bawumia Weeps For Aide – Daily Guide Africa

Dr Bawumia at Kwabena Boadus Funeral (photo credit myjoyonline)

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia could not subdue the pain of the loss of Kwabena Boadu, his 30-year-old press aide and confidante, when he read a tribute to the memory of the deceased at the forecourt of the State House last Saturday.

He was virtually choked by the grief towards the dying moments of his remarks, and was unable to complete the few remaining words as his ADC walked him away to his seat.

His return to his seat earlier after viewing the remains of the man he shared most of his political assignments with, was painful but he managed to contain it, trying not to let it show on his countenance, but not so during the reading of the tribute because he was compelled to relive the past.

In his tribute, he said had he known he was going to lose his confidante, he would have hugged him, engaged him for longer and sought more knowledge from an adviser and speechwriter whom many consider too brilliant and intelligent for his young age.

It was infectious as almost all sympathizers were seized by intense melancholy while they observed the vice president struggling to contain his grief. Handkerchiefs were used by many to wipe away the tears just when the vice president could not complete the last few words of the tribute.

He had narrated how a young University of Ghana, Legon, First Class political science graduate was introduced to him to serve as his press aide by Anthony Karbo.

Dr. Bawumia said he found the young man too shy and perhaps not cut for the job for which he was introduced – an impression which he said was quickly reversed when Kwabena proved his mettle outstandingly, mastering economics and doing better, he said humorously, “than some economists.”

Kwabena Boadu’s mother, to whom the deceased was the only son, particularly attracted attention. She was home from Germany for the burial of her son, supported by her own mother, who was responsible for the upbringing of Kwabena.

The burial service, prior to the movement of the remains of the press aide to the then running mate to the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to their final resting place, the Achimota Public Cemetery, was solemn.

Her mother’s tribute could not be read by her as she was consumed in an uncontrollable grief – her wailing rending the serene moments.

Even though it was read by her elder brother, a certain Prempeh, it did not take away the sorrow which such tributes trigger when they are presented by the bereaved who are so close to a deceased such as a fiancée.

Tributes were read on behalf of the president by his spokesperson and Information Minister-designate; John Buadu for the NPP; the deceased’s mates from the University of Ghana and pre-university school, among others.

President Nana Akufo-Addo popped up having earlier attended a commemoration service for his late grandfather, Dr. J.B. Danquah, at Kyebi where he too shed tears just as the vice president did.

In attendance were major players in NPP politics, the Speaker of Parliament, ministers of state, Mrs. Gina Blay, wife of the Acting Chairman of the NPP Freddie Blay and several MPs.

Wreaths were laid by the vice president, the NPP and others.

By A.R. Gomda