Frank And Maureen Shared A Ride, Now They Share Their Lives! See Their Lovely South-South Wedding

Our Love Story
from the bride, Maureen
It all started when I moved to Lagos a few years ago. Our mutual friend thought it nice to help me speak to Frank about dropping me off at work seeing that we stayed only a stone throw away from each other. We always had the most basic conversations, at least for the first couple of days.

One day I told him I was off to Ghana for the weekend and coincidentally he was going to be there too.

That’s where our love ship sailed.

The Proposal

Months went by and he moved back. I always wanted to have a party for my 25th birthday so it wasn’t really a surprise when my friend from Ghana flew down along with all my siblings from Port Harcourt.

He had everyone in attendance hold up a letter of this sentence – MAUREEN WILL YOU MARRY ME – while he held on to the question mark.


Of course, I said YES.

With my lover, friend and companion I know love has no end for us. I have had really good times with him since we met and forever can’t wait to host our amazing love life.