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Central Tongu residents angry with poor state of roads

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Residents of Mafi Dove and its environs in the Central Tongu district as well as Alavanyo in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta Region have decried the deplorable state of the roads in the area.

They do not understand why roads constructed less than a year ago will deteriorate.

According to the residents, the deplorable roads are posing great danger to lives of the residents living in the area.

In an interview with Joy News, some of the residents accused the contractors-First sky company and KADACON Company- for doing a shoddy work on the road.

The residents cited the Battor, Aveyime roads linking the Afelekpa- Agbekporkope -Atitekpo to Magi Dove in the Central Tongu district as well as Alavanyo in the Hohoe municipality. They say the roads there have badly deteriorated.

A resident, Hosa  Gagoh  who spoke with Joy News said, several appeals to the contractors to work on the roads within the Dove  Devime township proved futile.

According to him, the attention of the contractors was also drawn to  the poorly built culverts and bridges which could easily be washed away by a heavy rainstorm but nothing has been done about it.

At Alavanyo, a resident called Savior Ametepe  said they have complained severally about the nature of the road at the time of construction but nothing was done about it

According to him, the deplorable state of the newly constructed road is damaging their cars, adding that the government should look for competent contractors to do the job 

The Sogakope-Mafi Dove main junction feeder road connects to the Devime, Mepe-Degorme-Battor and Sege-Accra Highway was the World Bank loan facility project with the support of government of Ghana.

The contractors, First Sky Limited blamed the deterioration of the roads on the nature of the project.

Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse, explained that the Mafi portion of the road was under a feeder road construction design which natural gravels were used instead of rocks.

He also blamed the deterioration of the road on heavy duty vehicles belonging to sand winning companies plying the road. 

For the Alavanyo portion of the road Mr. Kutortse explained that the company was given specific instructions which did not include additional culverts the residents were asking for.

He said even though the concerns raised by the two communities were genuine, he advised that such concerns be channeled to the appropriate authorities.

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