Starting February With A Bang – Check Out New Smashing Videos By Top Nigerian Artists This Week

It’s been only three days into February and we’ve already been blessed with so much good a music video. Check out the top new smashing videos already released this month by top Nigerian artists.

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No Forget – Adekunle Gold ft. Simi

This new video by Adekunle Gold featuring Simi starts off more like a Nigerian movie, the storyline is one of the favourites in Nollywood. A financially disadvantaged guy tries to take his relationship with the love of his life to the next level, but her parents are not ready to hear monkey stories. Love will not put food on the table, they said.

The track is well composed, the lyrics are well put together and the music video goes the extra mile to connect and engage the viewers. The combination of Adekunle Gold and Simi offers a spark like none other; vocally I believe this was a beautiful duo and it will certainly not be the last from them.

OD Woods – Bless My Way 2 ft. Ice Prince x Vector

OD Woods is an artist/filmmaker under Wood House Entertainment, there is very little buzz about him right now in the industry, but with this new banger; he’s about to get some light shining his way.

Bless My Way 2 features Ice Prince & Vector, personally Ice Prince has been relatively active this year, but he hasn’t really made some serious waves thus far. I was impressed with his verse on this track; he takes it nice and easy while delivering some nice and clean flows. Vector on the other hand never disappoints, once his mouth starts moving it is always guaranteed to be fire!

Orezi – How Long

The Mr Ragamofin himself ‘Orezi’ takes us on a quick trip to Jamaica with some Dancehall vibes. The song basically has Orezi asking his girl how long it would take to get to her heart.

In this music video, we get to see Orezi sleekishly work his way to her heart. The video was visualized by Mazi C.I. Jizzle and presented by SOS Media Productions.

Cynthia Morgan – In Love

We hardly get to see Cynthia Morgan play a softer and calmer role, but in this video ‘In Love’ we get to see a different side of Cynthia. Could she really be in love?

As the video progresses, we get to see Cynthia Morgan play a more motherly role and a girl who’s getting herself ready for a traditional marriage introduction. The video was shot in a rural setting and it was directed by Avalon Okpe.

Woyo – Timaya

Well, this video was released on the last day of January, so we’ll let it slide into February. We all love Timaya for his up tempo tracks and beats always ready to get you off your seats and straight to the dance floor.

Unfortunately, that is where it ends with Timaya, there are hardly any lyrics or message to get out of this song. Timaya leaves us with funny noises and the regular story of people thinking he will not blow, but he keeps dropping more hits and touring countries.

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Something Different

Taking a step away from mainstream music, I present to you ‘David Iye Odey’ (Boogey TheBrain). Boogey is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising rapper; he was born in November 1986 and comes from Cross River. He describes his style of rap as HipHop with a taste of consciousness, humour, poetry, love and rebellion. Checkout ‘Matiasma’ by Boogey:

Matiasma has been described by Boogey as; “a thought-provoking song off his ‘Incognito’ Mixtape. The word ‘Matiasma’ means Evil Eye in Greek and is a curse which stems from envy and the mere wish of evil upon another human being. The curse also exists in many other parts of the world, including West African and Arabian lands. In Nigeria, the concept is popularly known as Bad Belle”.