Kwaisey Pee disputes Criss Waddle’s profession, wealth

Kwaisey Pee, a contemporary highlife singer, has disputed claims by his younger brother Criss Waddle that he [Criss] made his fortunes from bicycle repairing and a plumbing.

According to Kwaisey Pee he does not know how his brother amassed his wealth but denied knowledge about claims of him working as a plumber and a bicycle repairer.

Criss Waddles is reported to has said that he amassed his wealth and flashy lifestyle by working as a plumber in the United States of America.

Criss Waddle has for some time now been lambasted by some critics for allegedly engaging in cyber fraud. He has also been criticised for his open display of opulence both in his private life and sometimes in his music videos.

But the ‘P3p33p3’ hit maker has publicly rubbished the allegations claiming has been working as a plumber and bicycle repairer since his childhood.

Reacting to the speculations on Okay FM, Kwaisey Pee said he is not aware that Criss Waddle has ever engaged in repairing of bicycles neither is he aware of his plumbing profession.

The ‘Krokro Me’ hitmaker added that he only knows that his brother is a businessman but he does not know the exact business he does.

Akwasi Opoku as he is originally called explained that he does not currently stay with his brother which makes it impossible now to know everything about him including his source of wealth.

“He told me he is a businessman but he did not tell me exactly what he does and I have also not asked him about it,” he said.

Their father is the legendary Highlife musician, Nana Kwaku Addai who was widely known in showbiz circles as Agyeiku. Agyeiku passed away seven years ago at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital at age 60 after battling some protracted illness.