Katung Aduwak Interview | Katung Aduwak Disclosed That He Wanted To Leave The Big Brother House | Kutung Aduwak Big Brother Naija


Katung Aduwak is a Nigerian script writer and production assistant, who won the inaugural Big Brother Nigeria reality show in which Gideon Okeke, Tinsel actor, and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, TV personality, were contestants on the edition. He won $100,000 after staying in the house for 91 days.

Katung confessed that his biggest challenge was living in confinement alongside other contestants in Big Brother’s House for three months at a stretch in an interview with Punch.

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He said: ‘The truth is that I being confined to the house was not an easy thing for me because I liked to move around. I called myself a free bird at the time. I liked to travel and I liked to be in different locations’

Going down memory lane, he recalled what it felt like staying in confinement alongside his fellow Housemates, he said that there was no access to information, not even a television nor radio set, beyond the walls of the House. What kept him and the others going was the fact that there was something to look forward to at the end of the show.

Katung also noted that when the evictions began and his Housemates started leaving, one after the other, the loneliness grew worse and almost intolerable at a point. Yet, he hung on because he had known at the outset that he would go far in the contest.

There were other challenges, but living with total strangers and sharing the amenities in Big Brother’s House was not one of them.

“Already I was used to strangers. Back in my days at the University of Jos, I lived with total strangers – people who came from different backgrounds. I had lived with strangers all my life. So it wasn’t a big deal to me,” he said.

Asked if there were moments when he felt like quitting the House, the celebrity said that on many occasions he had wished that he did not enter for the show in the first place.

“Sometimes I would go and sit near the wall just to listen to the sounds of commercial motorcycles passing by outside the compound. Also, there were times when I simply got tired and so bored that I felt like walking out of the House,” he said.

Just as different people participate in shows of this kind for different reasons, in Katung’s case money was the major motivating factor for participating in the first edition of Big Brother Naija. Adventure and the opportunities that would likely accrue from the show were the other factors.

“I wanted the money and I needed a platform that would propel me to achieve all that I planned to achieve,” he said.

Looking back at the moment he was announced winner of that show, Katung, who is currently a senior manager with MTV Base, described it as defining moment.