How Beyonce’s Pregnancy Photo Is Influencing The World

On February 1st, Beyonce shook the internet with the good news of her forthcoming twins, now the media is shaking Beyonce with a funny trend tagged # BeyoncePoseChallenge.

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Internet users across the world are sharing photos of themselves and memes of other people mimicking the singer’s pregnancy pose.

They replicate the flower-decorated background, her lingerie, the veil and most importantly, her epic way of holding her baby bump and breast.

Funnily, guys are involved in the # BeyoncePoseChallenge and they have the most hilarious pictures. Dogs Trust even went as far as mimicking an animal version of Beyonce’s Pose while some media freaks dug out an old picture of the 41st President of the United States, George Bush, covered in transparent rain mac [his own version of Beyonce’s pose].


download (1)

A meme of popular TV personality, Ellen DeGeneres was also created.

download (3)

The towel gang killed the challenge though. Obviously, they could not get a hold of a veil so they chose to use a white towel instead.

download (2)

Beyonce not only gave the internet content these past two days, she also gave American singer, Selena Gomez and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, something to worry about.

Kim Kardashian,  who is rumored to be Beyonce’s most envious celebrity, the news about Lady B being pregnant with twins may evoke some kind of jealousy and ‘it would have been me’ feeling in her.

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Maybe, after Kim is done with her Paris Robbery case, she might want to visit a fertility doctor for her own set of twins.

Meanwhile, as at yesterday, 2nd February, Beyonce’s pregnancy pose attracted over 7 million likes, dusting the record of Selena Gomez, the most followed person on Instagram who also had the most liked picture.


As at the time of this publication, over 2 million people have added their likes, making a total 9, 111, 864 likes. With this pose challenge, Beyonce’s pregnancy photo is likely to get 20million likes before the end of next weekend.