Vetting live: If we spend 0.25% on research, we will remain poor -Prof. Frimpong Boateng

MP: How will you ensure that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines on fuel stations are followed strictly.

Nominee: It is about all of us obeying simple rules. The way you treat your gas cylinder in your home, is the same way fuel stations must treat the explosive substance. It is about chaging a Ghanaian mentality about safety because more people die from accidents at home than at fuel stations.

MP: How are you going to find the money to fund your ideas for the ministry?

Prof: We spend 0.25% of GDP on research. At least we need to spend 1%. The poverty gap is a technology gap. The difference between them and us is technology. We have to find the money to do it. I don’t know how but the Finance people must find it.

He says Ghana needs a critical mass to influence and direct science and technology in Ghana. Science and technology infrastructure in Ghana is ‘very very weak’.

He believes a crusade for handing washing is not getting down with children because the methodology is not scientific. If a magnifying is placed over a dirty hand, the children would see for themselves otherwise unseen bacteria.

The nominee is answering questions on his CV.

One of Ghana’s accomplished surgeons is facing a team of politicians in Parliament to scrutinse his nomination as the minister-designate for Environment Science and Technology.

Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, a 67-year old who performed the first open-heart surgery in Ghana is expected to open up his ideas on how he intends to transform the country’s science and technology culture.