The Reality Of Breaking Up With Someone You Live With – Information Nigeria Women

If I can give you a piece of advice, avoid living with someone unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll spend your life with them. And even then, wait another year. Why? Because breaking up with someone you live with suuuucks;

You’ll probably have sex again

Um, hello. You probably have a few exes who you drove miles to just to have breakup sex. And you had all that time in the car to turn back but you still went through with it. Imagine how easy it will be to have breakup sex when the person is in the other room.

Your friends will come over and it’ll be awkward

They may finally tell your ex all of the nasty things they’ve thought of him all along. At the very least, they won’t know what to say to him or how to look him in the eye since he is the cause of all of your pain right now.

You’ll have to split up practical things

Over the years you probably went half on several large purchases, thinking you’d never break up. So who is taking the couch? The television? The bed?

You’ll have to split up sentimental things

It gets worse; who is taking the photo montage you made, full of pictures of the two of you being affectionate? Neither of you wants it, but you both feel like jerks saying you don’t want it.

You’ll be hateful roommates for a while

You still need to live your lives until one or both of you find new places to live. For a few days, you’ll just walk around the place like zombies, getting ready for work, bumping into each other in the kitchen and waiting for the bathroom. It’ll be weird.