Samsung’s Galaxy A series: All you need to know

Samsung’s latest smartphone Galaxy A series which comes with a sleek look coupled with beautiful design, powerful performance, and ultimate convenience is set to hit the Ghanaian market after its recent global launch.

The new Galaxy A series offer, among other things, premium design, fingerprint scanner, water resistance and enhanced camera features.

Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, are upgraded versions of their 2015 counterparts.

With high capacity and long-lasting batteries, the Samsung Galaxy A Series  gives heavy users 24 hours of usage before re-charging their smartphones.

The A3, A5 and A7, come with1,900 mAh, 2900 mAh and 2,600 mAh, battery capacities respectively.

Photo freaks are not left out, the Galaxy A Series 2016, comes with 13 megapixels rear cameras and 5 megapixels for all three of them.

Since some beautiful scenes come momentarily, they have to be captured quickly.

It is also covered with a 24 month-warranty and discount offers on the Galaxy gift App from Samsung.

“The new Galaxy A continues the latest Samsung Galaxy design heritage, combining metal and glass to create a beautifully harmonious premium design. The new Galaxy A provides superior viewing experience with a narrower bezel,” according to a product information released to the media.

According to industry players, the functions and features of the new Galaxy A are easily comparable to Samsung’s flagship brand Galaxy S7. The official market price is yet to be announced but sources say it will be the cheapest among Samsung’s premium smartphones.

The new Galaxy A incorporates Samsung’s innovative design and technology, giving consumers the ability to expresses their individuality with a powerful performance in three screen size options: 5.5-inch for the A7, 5.2-inch for the A5 and 4.7-inch for the A3.