Pope Skinny Apologises To Samira

Popo Skinny

Hiplife artiste Pope Skinny has finally apologised for publicly confessing his love for Ghana’s Second Lady, Samira Bawumia.

“My comment was not intended to get on the nerves of any Ghanaian but to divert attentions from the president’s cough brouhaha which was trending shortly after the inauguration,” Popo Skinny explained on Adom FM after his apology, and said he had retracted the comments he made about the second lady.

The musician said his comments were intended to be a joke and not one to be taken with some seriousness.

Sometime in early January, Pope Skinny while hosting Kasahare Level, a music show on Adom FM, was reported to have confessed his love for Samira.

“Bawumia’s wife has no size. Can someone get me her number so that I tell her that I want her to be my sugar mummy? I am in love with the woman…Forgive me Bawumia, you are my man but I am really in love with your wife. I wish I would have her for myself,” Pope Skinny was quoted by adomonline.com to have stated on the radio show.

The comments gained some media attention and this did not go down well with a section of Ghanaians, especially the Mamprugu Youth Association (MAYA), a development-based youth group in the Northern Region.

The Chairman of MAYA, King J. Azortibah, explained to NEWS-ONE what exactly their misgivings were, saying, “What he said is a taboo under our customs and traditions. Samira’s husband is a Mamprusi royal and it is impious and forbidden for any man to say he is in love with the wife of a royal. We are Mamprusis and would not watch someone trample on our traditions. We take strong exceptions to such blatant misbehaviour and we demand an apology from the artiste immediately. We assume he was ignorant of our customs but if he fails to apologise, then we know he has decided to intentionally step on our toes.”

The matter, as it seems now, would be put to rest after the public apology from Pope Skinny.