Photos: Carpenters begin repairs as parliament considers Conference Center sitting

Repair works are underway after a severe rainstorm ripped off  Parliament’s roof, forcing sitting to end abruptly Tuesday evening.

Carpenters have been seen carrying off debris of the destruction and mounting the roof top to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Ag. Director of Public Affairs Kate Addo told JOY FM Super Morning Show Wednesday, Parliament was assured of the physical integrity of its buildings because works had been done only two years ago.

“We have never had any major problem like we had yesterday. We did not expect it at all” she said.

Water dripped unrestrained into the GHC16 million refurbished building. Works were last done in 2014 by Messrs China State Hualong Construction Limited.

The House now has new leather chairs replacing the 20-year old ones, new robotic video cameras for televising activities in Parliament, new extra- large television and voting screen displays, new carpets, ceiling, chandelier, among others.

But these facilities were exposed to the mercy of the weather in the rainstorm.

Madam Kate Addo said it is a ‘bit too early’ to blame the quality of work done on the building. She said a determination is yet to be made on whether the building can still house MPs for sitting Wednesday.

“We await the direction of Mr.Speaker,” she said and added that there are other building options the MPs can use if the building is considered unfit for sitting.

“…Where we have to sit outside Parliament, we [will] sit at the conference center” she assured.