Part of cocoa fund to fix cocoa roads- Amoako-Attah

The Minister Designate for Roads and Highways Kwasi Amoako- Attah has hinted that portions of cocoa proceeds will be used to repair damaged cocoa roads to guarantee a smooth transfer of the product from the rural areas.

Speaking at the Appointments Committee of parliament, Mr. Amoako-Attah emphasized the need to improve cocoa roads in the hinterlands since it has a direct connection to improving revenue generation and enhancing the livelihood of cocoa farmers.

“So concentrating on cocoa roads in the rural areas is important to show appreciation and also give back to our cocoa farmers because of the benefits that the nation has derived from cocoa,” he said.

He argued that the move will take the pressure off other funds, so that the resources can be directed to other areas of the economy.

“If cocoa money is being used to finance or fund cocoa roads in the rural areas it frees other funds either from the consolidated or what we call GOG funds of the government to spend on other sectors,” he stressed.

Mr. Amoako- Attah pledged to fix cocoa dilapidated roads to ensure the swift transfer of cocoa.

Disclosing road arrears under the cocoa road sub-sector, Mr. Amoako-Attah stated that the debt burden on the ministry hit 3 billion cedis as at December 2016.

He described the debt level as alarming.

He explained to the committee that the ministry will seek sustainable financing for roads rehabilitation if confirmed.

He assured that his outfit will liaise with the Finance Ministry to channel resources to develop roads in cocoa growing areas.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/