Live Update: Employment Minister takes turn at vetting committee

MP’s Question: Health and safety is important. What are you going to do to ensure the health of workers are guaranteed.

Awuah: Will expedite action on the right laws to be passed in parliament to address the issue. Occupational health is important. If the bill goes through, about 10,000 jobs can be created. Over 10,000 businesses that recruits over 25 people in the country and for every company to employ a trained health professional, jobs will be created.

MP’s Question: On the issue of casualization, people work for 10 to 12 years as casual workers and sometimes all their lives. What are you going to do to ensure these hard workers are regularized?

Awuah: The victims must let people know the situation they are in. They must make the complaint and action will be taken. What is wrong is wrong and should not continue. We will work vigorously and bring an end to the matter.

MP’s question: Plight of Ghanaians working with expats. They are treated like slaves. What can you do to get them either unionized or get them a voice?

Awuah: What you have intimated is very true. The dailies are replete with stories like. My preliminary investigations is that the ministry has given certification to companies recruiting people to work. There are some of the companies without licenses and that is the problem. There are those who have the certification but do not adhere to laid down rules and regulations. Rights must be respected. Sometimes people affected do not report and that is a problem.

MP: What new should labour front expect from you. It is known to be a challenging ministry?

Awuah’s Answer: I don’t believe it is a challenging Ministry. Even if it is challenging, i commit to live up to expectation. There will be good faith, respect to workers and I will empathise with them and I expect them to reciprocate same. I admit that sometimes government is constrained due to financial challenges but there is the need to treat them with respect. 

Haruna Iddrisu: What will you do to create jobs. Give us practical steps

Awuah’s Answer: We do not create jobs at the Ministry but we coordinate the jobs. The president told me his objective will be for us to mainstream job creation in all department. The impact assessment on every policy will invariably end up creating jobs.

MP’s Question: How do you intend to create jobs

Awuah’s answer: Unemployment is a canker. Different classes of unemployment. A particular approach will not be a fit all solution. There is a project called Labour Market Information System that will provide information on the Labour force, their needs and what to do for them. A closer look at this data will inform the government on where to focus on to create more jobs. The whole NPP manifesto is centred on job creation.

He is taken through his CVs with MP for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa correcting some minor anomalies on the CV of the nominee.

Employment Minister designate Ignatious Bafuor Awuah takes turn before the Parliament Appointment Committee.