Kids Caught In Occultic Practice – Daily Guide Africa

The charms allegedly used by the children

Three children, aged between 12 and 16 years who were allegedly practicing occultism in a container at Chapel Hill area in Takoradi have been arrested and are in the custody of Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana police.

Another child, who was believed to be ‘the grandmaster’ and a resident of Takoradi was on the run with another culprit.

Information DAILY GUIDE gathered indicated that the children were engaged in the alleged nefarious practice because they wanted to be strong and powerful spiritually.

Others also alleged that the children were preparing charms for other young people for them to become attractive to girls also known as ‘for girls’.

An eye witness told DAILY GUIDE that a female resident in the area used to operate a boutique in the container but thieves broke into it and made away with some of the items.

“So the owner of the container, one Aunty Kwansima, emptied the container, which was located behind her house, as she looked for another place to put the container”, the eyewitness indicated.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that on January 28, 2017, a gentleman decided to weed around the container and saw some strange items in it and so the following day, he decided to hide somewhere to see which people would come there.

After a few minutes, he saw five young boys entering the container so he quickly informed the owner of the container who together with her husband entered it and managed to arrest three of the young boys.

Upon interrogation, the children admitted practicing occultism for different reasons and that the container was their meeting place.

They were reported to have said they were introduced to the practice by the grandmaster who was on the run because they wanted to get more money.

The children were later handed over to the police pending further investigations.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that even though some of the parents of the children were informed about the arrest of their kids, they never set foot at the police station alleging that their children were stubborn and needed to be punished.

Meanwhile, the owner of the container had indicated that she would take a new container from the parents of the children.

According to her what the kids were doing in her container had lots of spiritual implications and could adversely affect her business if she continued to sell in it.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi