Is Lilian Esoro On Her Way Back To Ubi Franklin? See Fans Reaction Over The Tone Of Her Birthday Wishes To Him

Today 2nd February is the birthday of Triple MG CEO, Ubi Franklin and a birthday message by his estranged wife, Lilian Esoro is causing an uproar.

The gorgeous actress and mother of one took to on Instagram to wish Ubi Franklin a happy birthday, and the tone of the message has got her fans talking.

In about 2 hours after she posted the message, over 400 persons have commented and most of them think there is more to Lillian’s message than the eyes can see.

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Her post had a photo of Ubi with the caption:



From Lilian’s change of mind in mentioning Ubi on social media after deleting him from her contact to the “WHO BE” which she used in replacement of ‘Ubi,’ fans are reading a lot of meaning to the birthday text.

Here are some of the comments:

kingsophy_01:”Who be Franklin”??? Hmmmm!”

Queenesthercy: “I’ve looked up for this before now. God bless you nwanyioma! And happy birthday ur “who be”…lol”

mhizz_calie: “Who be frankiline? Am really not happy with that cos you guys have affected my life and taught me alot…..whatever it is can be [email protected]

itz_yeesha: “Lol ppl are jux confused its Ubi franklin= who be franklin she’s jux joking around.”

meciberryy: “This just made my day happy birthday @ubifranklintriplemg.”

_its_innyluv: “If u pipu make her to delete dis pic I will be very angry with y’all.”

estheraguebor: “Dis got me screaming seriously,I’m so loving @lilianesoroo kudos ma..Mr Franklyn na ur hubby,daddy Jayden….HBD @ubifranklintriplemg

nikkywyte: “When maturity steps in…….immaturity takes a bow.”

bellaijeh: “Who be franklin is and has always bin what she calls him instead of ubi.. u guys take a chill pill and stop the bashing Jeezz!!!”

everbliss2: “God I know this drawing closer a happy ending.. Happy birthday Sir.. Love you both so much😘😘😘 @lilianesoroo @ubifranklintriplemg.”

lovelynelly2: “You play too much @lilianesoroo why are u still like this in 2017 Biko? Oya answer @ubifranklintriplemg “who be Franklin”? all of u up there, so u are taking panadol for people’s headache despite the increase in the price of panadol? Kontinuo.”

alicedan1: “Lily am happy wit wot u did bcos I have been waiting to see it. Plentybae.”
igbinigiemercy1: “I join in the celebrations of your husband birthday. It has always been your genuine followers prayers, that you forgive and let peace reign in your marriage .God bless you.’

ejyks212: “Good sign of greater things to come. Just happy for u both. May u come back stronger.”

honeycelebrations: “Very impersonal message. Emotionless.;! Smh.”

“I don’t know you in person buh when I see broken marriages coming back together it give me joy and remind me GOD is alive happy birthday ubiFranklin.”

officialburty: “When you realize that with you all your strong head and ego, without oxygen you are lifeless and all becomes vanity and people forgets you, example are your lost ones, but this oxygen-God gives you freely without hassle, This God you have offended so many times but never take the oxygen away from you. Your reconciliation with your husband will bring smiles to many people faces, sister don’t be selfish, make someone happy today .. I will keep praying for Yall

wendys_blend: “Oh wow its incredible how u changed Ubi to Who Be i got the joke.”

realo_ruby: “It should be happy birthday baby,the father of my child and children to come,my better half my man my everything,my beloved husband in whom I am well pleased, women appreciate yur husband properly if don’t wanna marry him again shift ..Emma nyra is there ,who knows they might be the perfect match………please you guys don’t chop me raw ,am just saying my own.”

peacembalu: “nurse Abigail pls go back to dis one in a million young dude.”

amandaebeleanigbo: “Am happy that u wish u hubby Hbd, honestly i hv been waiting patiently since morning to see this post and u did exactly wat we ur fans expected of ü, ur indeed a strong woman plz 4get evrytin and move On with ur husbnd der’s neva a perfect marriage i swear am married for 7years nw with 3kids and i can tell u that marriage is sweet and bitter at desame time but wat makes u more stronger is when ur able to over come the bitterness of it my dear anty lilian try and move on with ur Man blc der’s no perfect man, i love u so much anty lilian.”

inebskey: “This is a gud one, lines are falling into pleasant places for u 2, I luv u both together.”

rossyy4562: “May God bless U lilianesoro 4 taking d bold step.”

ephraim_daviid: “What the hell are you talking about @realo_ruby As far as she recognized the day her husband was Put to bed it’s alright . After y’all Ranting n Barking They are still as Strong as Fuck.”

realo_ruby: “I think she’s older than him …ubi is not even upto30.”

alexandra_nnam: “Its better u don’t wish him a happy birthday Dan saying who be franklin dat’s an insult

omoyemenosekhale: “This is a sign of reconciliation, am happy for you guys. Really.”

[email protected]: “realo_ruby my dear u are right , all this one she’s doing is call eye service.”

glory7794: “Pls can someone tell me what who be Franklin means?”

helenudia: “Lilian for this alone God will bless u, please reconcile bcos ur son.”

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What is the possibility of a come back for this lovely couple?