Ghana Post would work with right leadership – Ursula

Minister-designate for Communications has said with the right leadership and capital investment in human and capital resources, Ghana Post can be a profitable company again.

Ursula Gifty Owusu Ekuful said if given the approval she is ready to work to ensure that the company realises its full potential.

She said this when she took her turn at Parliament’s Appointments Committee Wednesday.

She was answering questions from Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawase, Muntaka Mubarak, on how she would get Ghana Post to get back on its feet and to do what it is mandated to do. 

Ursula Owusu said she has already engaged the management of the company and they have a lot of potential which has not been harnessed so far.

“They have the beginning of something that would make them a profitable company…and I am prepared to help them get on their feet and run,“ she said.

She said she would leverage on the resources available to the company to deliver reliable e-commerce services where Ghanaians can buy goods and services online and have them delivered at their doorsteps.

The massive shift to online and other internet related applications and proliferation of other courier services has seen the once vibrant Ghana Post company flying below the radar.

The company has introduced other services, including cash post (domestic), money transfer, e-vouchers, scratch cards, educational envelopes for students looking for admission into various institutions and on-line application system for students. 

According to the minister, if they get the logistical support by way of the right technology, manpower and financial resources either through Public Private Partnership (PPP) or other arrangements they can be able to deliver more.

She said it is possible for an arrangement for people to pick their National Health Insurance cards from the nearest post office adding “every other agency that needs to send its services directly to the people can use Ghana Post as a partner.”

“But Ghana Post itself needs to put itself in the proper position to be able to assist and not be a hindrance to the services of those organisations. So we would work together to get it back on its feet to better assist in providing better access to the services we all need,” she stated.

She also promised to use Ghana Posts’ facilities across the country to enhance rural and inland communication by the use of the Internet.