Ayariga’s bribery allegation ‘colossal untruth’ – Osei Owusu

13:40 P.M

Speaker Final

The Speaker brings finality on the matter. Accepts the names suggested and terms of reference so suggested by the leadership of the House. He also warns of potential contempt of Parliament if discussion on the matter, in and out of Parliament attempts to prejudice the matter. The House moves on to discuss other issues.

13:35 P.M.

Minority Leader agrees with the names suggested by his colleague on the other side and requests that the time span for the investigation be less than a month.

13:33 P.M.

Majority Leader 

Majority Leader suggests names of the five member committee which will be chaired by Joe Ghartey with the membership of Ama Pomaa Boateng, Magnus Kofi Amoatey, BT Baba and Ben Abdella all MPs from both sides of the House to investigate the matter. He also suggests a one month time frame to have them conclude investigations into the matter.

13:33 P.M.

Speaker Rules

With regards to this issue, I am of the opinion this is not just a matter of privileges.Parliament as the rep of the people is empowered to enquire into any matter within the establishment of Ghana that affects everybody. To investigate a matter that is of public interest to all. I rule that what is fit and proper is to have a special committee to be set up to investigate this matter of public interest. I will not push anything under the carpet. It may involve MPs or any other personality. You must set a time frame and request names of people to constitute the names. 

13:30 P.M.

Majority Leader

The allegation that has saturated the entire Ghanaian atmosphere over the past four days is earth shaking. Agrees with Haruna Iddrisu that Parliament should be concerned to establishment the truthfulness of any issue that comes before us. We must get to the bottom of this business. The First Deputy Speaker in making the statement represented by his own composure is the person who has suffered mortal wounds. So the statement is a pinch of lamentation. The second statement invited you to refer the conduct of the Ayariga to the privileges committee. Orders of the House provide that the committee should be define the remit of house to proceed but in this case the person against whom the allegation is made also chairs the privileges committee. Agrees with Iddrisu that the matter be sent to special committee charged with the responsibility of looking into this matter. The committee must define for us what the internment of Order 20 is. Moves that given the circumstances that the house appoints a special committee to investigate the matter of alleged bribery and submit a final report. A five member special committee to deal with this.

13:27 P.M.

Haruna Iddrisu, Minority Leader

He rises with the indulgence of the Speaker. He draws Speaker’s attention that the request by the chair of the committee urging the Speaker to grant immunity for him to go to court to redeem his image whilst another Member is asking for privileges appears a little contradictory. He reminds the Speaker that Ayariga, Suhuyini and Ablakwa requested a formal investigation. He says the scandal means a lot to this house. The Ghanaian public is angry and wants nothing but the truth. It is ones person’s word against the other. The chairman of the appointment is the chair of the privileges committee. A reference of the matter to the privileges committee will not augur well for us. A full scale investigation is needed to establish the truth of the matter. I will urge you. We need to redeem personal integrities and restore dignity of the House we on this House wish that support the call for investigation but requests a special ad-hoc committee to investigate the matter.

13:25 P.M.

Effiduase Asokore Speaks

MP for Effiduase Asokore, Nana Ayew Afriyie on the Majority side steps up and quotes Order 72 and 73 and makes reference to the allegation of bribery. He says the allegation is coming from the Minority MP Mahama Ayariga who mentions Minority Chief Whip Muntaka Mubarak. As a friend of the committee Nana Afriyie says he recognizes the longevity of the sittings by his colleagues in an attempt to vet and approve the ministers designates. He says the accusation is only an  embarrassment to the chair and members of the committee but the whole house. It cripples the house and has made MPs subject of ridicule. He also quotes Act 122 constitution and describes the allegation as an  affront to the dignity of parliament.  He calls for the Invocation of order 31 to have Ayariga referred to Privileges Committee.

13:20 P.M.

Chairman of Parliament’s Appointments Committee, Joseph Osei Owusu says bribery claim made by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central is purely concocted. He says the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) wields super majority in the House and does not need to pay money to the minority to approve a nominee of the President. “The need to have consensus is largely to the benefit of the minority,” he tells his colleagues Tuesday when he made his official statement on the matter.


‘I was livid’ over Ayariga bribery allegation – Osei Owusu

12:55 P.M.

The Chairman of Parliament’s Appointments Committee says he is “livid” after he was linked to a bribery claim in the House. Joseph Osei Owusu says the Bawku Central Member of Parliament (MP) claim that the 20-member Committee was offered GHC100,000 by a nominee to approve him is a “colossal untruth.” Making his official statement on the allegation in the House Tuesday, the Bekwai MP says he did not receive any money from anyone and has not given money to any MP. “NPP has such a huge majority and does not need to pay a bribe in this House,” he says with a heavy tone. He adds the need to reach consensus on issues in Parliament is rather to the benefit of minority MPs. Nonetheless, he is emphatic that the development might affect the way the majority deals with the minority on issues before the House.




12:15 P.M.

The Chairman of Parliament’s Appointments Committee is expected to make a formal statement on the alleged bribery allegation in the House. Joseph Osei Owusu will use the opportunity to brief the House on activities of the Committee from the first day it started its vetting of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s ministerial nominees.

Key on his agenda will be the topical issue of the bribery scandal that has hit Parliament. The Speaker is then likely to announce the next line of action to unravel the mystery behind the scandal.