Access Bank Receives International Award

Access Bank

At a time when most individuals and corporate entities in Ghana have raised concerns about cyber security and the efficiency of e-banking platforms in transacting business, Access Bank has once again won the Citi Bank’s Straight-Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award.

The bank won the award as a result of the bank’s innovative, robust and secured web-based solution for importers and exporters, known as Access Trade.

The Straight-Through Processing (STP) Excellence award acknowledges the bank for its superior and excellent service through consistent and efficient processing of international funds transfer requests.

Access Trade enables customers to seamlessly and remotely integrate their business operations with the bank’s system for the management of international trade and payment transactions.

The platform makes it possible for users to initiate a wide range of requests, including Funds transfer, Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees and Bills for Collections.

It is also equipped with multi-lingual capabilities that makes it convenient for everyone to use, and allows the customer to track the status of their shipment anywhere in the world.

Each user on the Access Trade web solution also receives automated alerts on transactions, and is able to track, authorize and view their swift advises.

According to the bank, the Access Trade product has brought a lot of improvement in the way trade transactions are processed for customers of the bank, giving more reliability and convenience.

“Currently, most corporate customers have to visit their various banks to submit foreign trade and transfers requests before they are attended to. This tends to inconvenience the customers and also delays the processes. Often times, customers have to wait for long periods to ascertain if their transfers indeed have been effected.

“However, with the Access Trade platform, customers of the bank are able to sit in the comfort of their offices and initiate their international trade/ payment requests to the bank and also view their SWIFT as debit/credit advice through this platform,” it said.