Nigerian Professor Apologizes To 2Baba For Insults Over His Planned Protest

The Obafemi Awolowo University Professor, Akindele Adetoye, who in a Facebook post, lambasted 2Baba over his planned protest against the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has finally apologised.

In his earlier rant, the University academic called the legendary singer a ‘bloody illiterate’ and dragged him for having multiple children with different women, a factor he had cited as what makes 2Baba unfit to lead the planned protest against the government.

He said:

 “You are a bloody illiterate. You had s*x with all manners of girls without using condoms. You impregnated them and made babies all over the place. You now want to lead protest against the government because of lack of governance! Have you governed your own personal life? Charity, they say begins at home. Nonsense!”

Unfortunately, the post only increased the number of the professor’s enemies as many angry Nigerians who have already taken sides with the entertainer wasted no time to tongue-lash him.

One of the many people who stood up in the singer’s defence was Nkechi Bianze. Commenting on the matter in a Facebook post she wrote:

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“It doesn’t matter if Tuface has hundred children with hundred different women, as long as he didn’t get those women pregnant by rape, and as long as they were all adults who consented to having sex with him, I don’t see why that should be another person’s headache. I don’t see how that takes away his rights to have a political opinion as an adult law abiding citizen.

“We are a hypocritical bunch, and disgustingly so. We keep electing pedophiles who marry underage girls as wives, but we have a problem with a man who has had sex with CONSENTING adults (most of whom are happy to be his baby mamas), and who has taken full responsibility of raising all his children. Quite frankly, there’s very little anyone can fault Tuface for.

“We need to understand the thin line between immorality and criminality. Having children with different partners is NOT a crime…. at least not in a country like Nigeria with a penchant for electing polygamous pedophiles.

“Why are many Nigerians so concerned about how other adults use their sex organs?”

Unable to bear the brunt of the anger of Nigerians, Professor Akindele Adetoye suddenly came to his senses and took back his words having realised that his action was indeed harsh and wrong. He took to his social media, apologising for his unkind statements, adding that he has realised how much 2Baba loves this nation.

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Read below:

“Good day brethren, I put up an update yesterday that incurred the wrath of some of my friends and the population at large for what some considered its harshness to another member of the Nigerian community.

“In hindsight, I believe I was indeed harsh. I believe I am wrong to have come at him in the manner in which I did. He’s in love with our nation like I am and like the rest of us.

“It was in finding a lasting remedy to our national malaise that I believe my passion took the best of me, and it was in that regard that I erred.

“I apologize for that and I apologize to those whom my update affected in any manner. I was wrong and I am sorry.

“Thank you and God bless you all.”

This comes some hours after 2Face Idibia released a video explaining further why he wants to embark on the planned protest and informed Nigerians that the march will take place on February 6, the same day that President Buhari is supposed to resume office after his 10-day leave.

2Baba also seized the opportunity to address claims that he is being sponsored by Senator Godswill Akpabio, an unconfirmed claim heaped on him by media house, PM News.