Latest Update On Tuface’s Nationwide Protest And Harrysong VS Five Star Music Saga

The discussion about Tuface Idibia’s Nationwide Protest and Harrysong’s exit from Five Star Music seems to be the two hottest gist in the Nigerian entertainment scene today.

With regards to Harrysong and his fall out with Five Star Music, the issue has been resolved by veteran singer Daddy Showkey, who helped reconcile Harrysong and KCee, the label’s lead act.

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Daddy Showkey shared a photo of himself in the midst of Harrysong and KCee [Pictured above] and he captioned it “Shame to bad people…Together we stand.”

Recall that Harrysong was initially arrested for bailing out of the label to launch his own [Alterplate] while he still had a running contract with Five Star Music.

Although there is no guarantee that all the brouhaha that transpired between the two music entities would be a thing of the past in no time, the above picture is a proof that Five Star Music is ready to make peace with Harrysong.

On Tuface’s proposed Nationwide protest

Hyacinth Idibia, the younger brother of Tuface Idibia has joined the lot who are in support of the nationwide protest which has now been postponed to February 6th – the same day President Buhari returns from his UK vacation.

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“We must understand that every era, a generation has a responsibility to prove and work beyond its own, and in every responsibility there is an absolute possibility to bring about change and awareness for the benefit of that nation,” Hyacinth wrote.

“Today, our beloved Nigeria is dealing with issues so profound, issues that need our immediate attention to help and find solutions that can minimize all forms of social and political injustice.  

“My brother (2baba), whom we all love and most of us respect dearly, has put himself in the frontline and is standing for our nation. He’s standing for you and your children and maybe your grandchildren today for a better living.

“Let not forget that this same Innocent Idibia has a family that deeply loves and cares for him. And yes we are very much concerned about his safety, however, I must say that he has touched me deeply with patriotism and collective energy to uplift and show concern for the betterment of our nation. It is our responsibility as fellow citizens to support a good course.

“The issue here is not about fame and certainly not about money, successful he is already, it’s not about album sales or awards, let’s not forget he has done that already, it’s about what’s right and what’s wrong. Nigeria needs us and we must give ourselves to Nigeria. 

“We must show good character and love to support this course. Nigerians are dying, woman, children and men. This is not about your tribe or my tribe, this is not about politics or pointing fingers at anyone, please let’s not miss the point here, this is about humanity.

“We the people of Nigeria want to know what is going on with our basic human needs, WE NEED TRANSPARENCY! We need to feel like we belong to #OneNigeria. This platform is NOT anti-government but pro-Nigeria. When the people of Nigeria wins, it means that our government is doing a great job. 

“It is time for us all to get involved one way or the other and peacefully we will work towards a better Nigeria. Now it’s on us to decide what page of history we want our undying courage, love, and support for Nigeria to be written. Let God’s blessings be with us all and let that blessing flow around Nigeria #istandwithNigeria #istandwith2baba.”

Hyacinth Idibia on Nationwide protest
Hyacinth Idibia