Vetting Highlights: Otiko Afisa Djaba appears before Appointments Committee

Otiko Djaba.jpegplay videoMinister-designate for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba

Minister-designate for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba’s appearance before the Appointments Committee today turned out to be a rather interesting one as her comments and responses seemed to have sparked some debate among a section of the populace.

Ms. Djaba, who was the last of four ministers designate vetted in Parliament today had quite a number of things to say about Ex-President John Mahama.

She stood by comments she made during the elections when she described John Mahama as ‘evil’, ‘wicked’ and ‘an embarrassment’ to the people of the North, stating that she was merely criticising the President and not insulting him as others suggested.

She further got the house startled by her undauntedness when she described the former President John Mahama as an ‘emperor without clothes’ during his term of office.

While some have criticised Ms. Otiko Djaba over her stance, she appears to have impressed many others with her firm grip on issues relating to her assigned field and plans she outlined for the sector.