Signs Of A Bored Man Who’s Wasting Your Time – Information Nigeria Women

His initial conversation is filled with sexual innuendo

Any man with a decent amount of sense who wants to do more than have sex with you wouldn’t dare bring up sex — or anything related to it — in your initial conversation. If ol’ boy claims he’s really into you, but all he talks about is wanting to get inside of you, recognize his true intent is revealed in the latter.

His calls are more like check-ins than conversations

Ever deal with a guy whose phone calls are like this?

“Hey just called to say hello”

“Everything good?”

“Okay cool. I’ll check in with you later.”

These conversations are like the kind you have with your grandparents just so you can say you called. He’s not trying to get to know you. He’s trying to get you to think he wants to get to know you.

His texts are routine rather than romantic

“Good morning beautiful. Have a good day”

“Hey beautiful. How was your day?”

“Have a good night beautiful.”

If you’re not getting past these make-her-think-you-care text staples he doesn’t care. He just wants a touch of female interaction.

He asks to come see you rather than take you out

“Can I come by and see you?” is code for “Can I sleep with you tonight?” or at least a clear sign he’s going to try to. Even if he claims he just wants to “chill” or “watch a movie,” that’s not even remotely close to asking you out on a real date.

He only talks to you on social media

You may think this distant lover who comments on every pic is just too nervous to ask you for your number so he keeps the conversation limited to Facebook messages and the like, but any man who was truly interested would find the balls to get the digits. He likes the attention, he doesn’t want to really date.