Scrap dealers blame ‘juju trader’ for low sales

Juju TraderAgbogbloshie scrap dealers pursue Juju co-trader for Compensation

Scrap metal dealers at the Sikkens lane of the Agbogbloshie market are searching for their colleague who allegedly caused the fire outbreak to compensate them or face their wrath.

Adom News reported earlier that about five shops and six warehouses have been burnt to ashes in a fire outbreak Sunday.

Though the Fire Service is yet to say the source of the fire, the traders are alleging that the fire was caused by an Igbo man called Uchena Ogu whom they claim was welding his container.

The leader of the scrap metal dealers, Ali Alhassan in an interview on Adom News said the man did not open the container for ventilation while welding because he was preventing others from seeing some ‘juju’ items he had planted in the container.

He noted that they have witnessed numerous strange deaths recently and they suspect Ogu is behind those deaths.

Some of the traders who lost their goods in the fire told Adom News’ Shine Acquah said they took bank loans and are now at a loss on how to pay back.

They have vowed to hunt down Ogu to reverse the curse placed on them and also to pay their monies to them.