Government to take state lands inventory – Peter Amewu

General News of Tuesday, 31 January 2017



Bare Land NewtreesPeter Amewu believes the inventory will help in safeguarding state properties

The Government of Ghana will take an inventory of all state lands in the country as a way of safeguarding state properties, John Peter Amewu, Minister-designate of Lands and Natural Resources, has said.

Speaking during his vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday January 31, he said: “I will ensure that a complete inventory of this exercise is done and that will enable me to know where the lands are, which ones’ compensations have been paid for, and which ones’ have not been paid for. In most of the instances I will adopt the process of ground-filled development where compensations for land have not been paid.

“I will try to see where we can trade land for infrastructural development and make sure that revenues created or generated from that can be used to pay compensation to land owners.

“The land administration problem is a problem within this country. Land title registration takes about two years and so in accordance with our manifesto, the president said categorically that we should be able to reduce the long duration in the land title administration and I will work with the president in accordance with his vision to make sure that the period for land title registration is brought down to the minimum of 30 days.”